"Comte de Boisdauphin"



An account of the creation and world launch of "Comte de Boisdauphin" Cognac by Comm. Dr. Louis-Marc Servien, Count of Boisdauphin and Lord of Quendon.


The first mention in an official  document of a member of the illustrious Boisdauphin family concerns Pierre Servien who, in 1340, rendered homage to the Dauphin of France for his freeholds and lands located in Dauphiné (between Lyons and Grenoble).


In addition to running their estates and cultivating their farmland and vineyards, Pierre Servien's descendants also filled numerous honorary positions in the Parliament of Grenoble as well as in Paris. The most illustrious among them, Abel Servien (1593-1659), successively became Secretary of State, Minister Plenipotentiary (in 1648, he signed the Peace Treaty of Westphalia as the representative of France), and finally Superintendent of Finance. Thanks to his huge fortune and the backing of both Cardinal Mazarin and Louis XIV - the Sun King - Servien was able to acquire numerious castles and land around Paris and received the titles of Marquis de Sablé, Comte de Boisdauphin and Baron de Meudon. As his two sons, Louis-François and Augustin, died leaving no heirs, the family possissions were sold and the titles passed to the junior branch of the family that had remained in Savoy and Dauphiné.


It was around 1870 that the last descendant of that branch, Prosper Servien, after much travelling, decided to settle in Switzerland, in Canton Vaud, where among other occupations he imported wines and spirits from France.


His son, Prosper-Louis, a notary public, had a remarkable political career since in 1924 he was elected President of the Grand Council of Vaud in Lausanne. His grandson, Louis-Prosper, was also a notary public and a banker.

Abel Servien

A member of the fourth "Swiss" generation of the family, and last representative of the branch, Comm. Dr. Louis-Marc Servien has pursued a brilliant career in finance and - in an altogether different field - founded both Who's Who International SA and the Committee of European Excellence, C.E.E.®, Ltd., whose main aim is to honor personalities, business leaders, artists and other achievers for whom the pursuit of values such as Quality, Culture, Prestige and Luxury are life commitments.


Concurrently, after having rehabilitated the title of Comte de Boisdauphin exactly one hundred years after his great-grandfather had abandoned it when he became a naturalized Swiss citizen in 1892, Louis-Marc Servien decided to launch his own cognac under the brand name "Comte de Boisdauphin".


The cognac was first reserved for his European friends and customers and also sold through the world-renowned credit card company VISA. Now, however, priviliged access to "Comte de Boisdauphin" Cognac is being opened to the world elite of cognac connoisseurs in the Far East and particularly in China.